Job Wants Justice; Bildad Advises Despair (chapters 23-25)

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Job wants to lay out his case before God by claiming his innocence. Job says that God is hidden and does as he chooses, but that God neither judges the guilty nor helps the righteous. Bildad responds by contrasting God’s holiness and human lowliness.


I. Job Wants Justice

A. Job wants to lay his case before God

B. I am innocent, but God is hidden and does as he chooses

C. Job articulates the problem of theodicy

1. Opening summary

2. Wicked abuse the poor

3. Wretchedness of the oppressed

4. Wicked abuse the poor

5. Wretchedness of the poor

6. Wicked work in darkness

7. The wicked are not punished

8. Job raises questions but doesn't give answers

II. Bidad's Third Response

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