Free Online Bible Classes | Job Begins the Third Cycle (chapter 21)

Job Begins the Third Cycle (chapter 21)

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Job continues to wrestle with the presence of evil in the world and the apparent injustice of God. 


I. Outline

A. Don’t be Stupid (2-6)

B. Look for yourselves: Wicked live long and prosper (7-16)

C. Death: they don’t die young (17-21)

C ‘. Death; it does not change unfairness of life (22-26)

B ‘. Testimony of others: Wicked live long and prosper (27-33)

A ‘. Don’t be Stupid

II. Don't Be Stupid (point A in Job's argument)

III. Job Tells His Friends to Look at the World and See What It's Like (point B in Job’s argument)

IV. The Wicked Do Not Die Young

V. Death: It Does Not Change the Unfairness of Life

VI. The Testimony of Others

VII. The Point of This Passage

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