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Job and Apocalyptic Literature

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Job contains literary elements that are similar to what you find in other Biblical books that are Apocalyptic. These elements include depictions of events in heaven and on earth, the emphasis on specific numbers and persevering in your faith in God, the references to mythological animals and God’s supernatural control of all events. 


I. Parallels Between Job and Apocalyptic Literature

A. Both deal with reality on the heavenly and earthly levels

B. Apocalyptic deals in special numbers, especially 3 and 7

C. Apocalyptic literature acknowledges the reader's inability to decipher the meaning of the text and calls them to deeper understanding

D. Apocalyptic literature uses fantastic or mythological animals as symbols to get its message across

E. Apocalyptic often includes a cataclysmic undoing of creation

F. Apocalyptic sometimes contains a doxological intermission

G. In Apocalyptic literature, divine intervention concludes the conflict

H. Apocalyptic literature calls the believer to endurance in the face of severe suffering

I. Apocalyptic literature concludes with the faithful believer having entered into bliss

II. Significance

A. There is a reality beyond appearances

B. There is a reality to supernatural evil

C. Endurance of the saints

D. Deliverance comes from God alone

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