Jerusalem Council

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The Jerusalem Council was a meeting of the early Church leaders to decide how to include Gentiles Christians into what had, up to this point, been a predominantly Jewish Christian group.



Part 7

VII.  The Jerusalem Council

A.  The Issue at Stake

1.  The argument of the circumcision party

a.  God's Covenant demands this - Genesis 17:9-14

b.  All Scripture teaches this - Genesis 21:4; Exodus 4:25, etc.

c.  Every male believer was circumcised.

d.  This was "good enough religion" for Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, the Prophets, John the Baptist and Jesus.

e.  Paul is promoting a liberal theology (of his time).

2.  The argument of Peter, Paul and James

a.  Peter - Acts 15:7-11

b.  Paul - Acts 15:12

c.  James - Acts 15:13-21

3.  The Conclusion

a.  The Jerusalem decree - Acts 15:23-29

b.  Titus was the test case - Galatians 2:3

B.  An Unresolved Issue



31 min