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Jeremiah begins his ministry in 627 BCE. This is five years before the great revival under Josiah in 622 BCE. So Jeremiah spans the time from the Assyrian domination to the invasion of Judah by Babylon. Unlike other prophets who predicted a short exile, Jeremiah preached a long, though not unending exile. Because of this Jeremiah was not popular with the government establishment of Jerusalem.


The Last Days:  Jeremiah


I.  Orienting Data

A.  Long Career as a Prophet

B.  Emphases

1.  Prophet to the Nations

2.  God Causes the Babylonian Invasion

C.  Sub-themes

1.  Blessing / curse / blessing pattern

2.  The relationship of prophets and disciples

D.  Corrupt national leadership and its consequences

E.  Overview


II.  Prophets and Opposition

A.  From False Prophets

B.  From False Prophets

C.  From the Government

D.  From Priests

E.  From the People in General


III.  Prophetic Lament Form

A.  A Call to Mourning

B.  Direct Address to the Dead

C.  Eulogy

D.  Loss to the Survivors

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