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According to James, true faith results in works.


General Epistles

Part 3

II.  James

A.  Authorship

1.  Writer describes himself as "James." (1:1)

2.  Four James in the New Testament

a.  The father of Judas (Luke 6:16)

b.  The son of Alphaeus (Mark 3:18)

c.  The son of Zebedee and brother of John (Mark 1:19, 3:17, 5:37)

d.  The brother of Jesus (Galatians 1:19, Acts 12:17; 15:13)

3.  Probably James, the brother of Jesus

a.  Problems

i.  The book was slow to be accepted.

ii.  The Greek of James is "too good."

iii.  One would expect more references to Jesus.

b.  In favor of this James

i.  It claims to be written by James.

ii.  The style is Semitic.

iii.  Many parallels to the teachings of Jesus

a)  1:5 with Matthew 7:7

b)  1:22 with Matthew 7:26

c)  2:13 with Matthew 18:23-35; 5:7; 7:1-2

d)  3:12 with Matthew 7:16

e)  4:13 with Luke 12:13-21

f)  5:2-3 with Matthew 6:19

g)  5:12 with Matthew 5:34-37

iv.  The unusual introduction of the letter

B.  Date

C.  Outline

1.  Salutation (1:1)

2.  On Temptation (1:2-18)

3.  Being doers of the law (1:19-2:26)

4.  On evil speaking (3:1-4:12)

5.  Miscellaneous exhortation (4:13-5:20)

D.  Specific Comments

1.  Chapter 1

a.  Salutation

b.  Trials and Temptation

c.  True ministry

2.  Chapter 2

a.  Faith and Works in James

b.  Faith and Works in Paul

3.  Chapter 3

4.  Chapter 5

a.  The "Rich"

b.  The coming kingdom

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