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In the prophetic books, poetic speeches replace narrative as the main type of writing. Seven themes that are common in prophetic books are word and symbol, election and covenant, rebellion, judgment, God’s compassion, redemption and consummation. These themes can be compressed into the ideas of sin, judgment and renewal. Books of prophecy stress how to live for God. Isaiah lived during a time when Assyria exerted its influence on Israel. Isaiah warns the people about the folly of idolatry and treating each other unfairly. He also looks into the future and describes the Messiah, and a time when God will judge sin and create a new earth. He moves from creation to new creation.


I. Introduction to the Latter Prophets

II. How to Read the Prophetic Books

A. B. D. Napier’s Seven Themes

B. Three Main Emphases

C. Books of Prophecy Stress How to Live for God

III. Isaiah

A. Historical Background

B. Isaiah’s Message

C. The Structure of Isaiah – Seven Cycles

1. First cycle (1–4)

2. Second cycle (5–12)

3. Third cycle (13–27)

4. Fourth cycle (28–35)

5. Fifth cycle (36–56:8)

6. Sixth cycle (56:9–62:12)

7. Seventh cycle (63–66)

D. Concluding Thoughts

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