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Isaiah, Micah, & Nahum

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In this lesson an overview is provided for the prophetical books of Isaiah, Micah, and Nahum.


Judah:  Isaiah, Micah and Nahum


I.  Late Eighth Century Prophets

A.  Who is the issue?

B.  What are we dealing with?

1.  Office of prophet

2.  Divine council reporter

3.  Messenger

4.  Intercessor

5.  Preachers to the world

6.  Written prophecy - preservation

C.  Where is it all located?

D.  When?

E.  Why are they preaching?

1.  History of breaking God's covenant

2.  Yahweh treated as national god

3.  God's justice and judgement inviolable

4.  Idolatry, social injustice, class divisions

5.  Punishment of nations and individuals


II.  Isaiah

A.  Sample Themes in Isaiah

1.  Creation ongoing

2.  Apocalyptic concept begins

3.  Reuses Canaanite mythic themes

4.  Messiah and nation / Christ and church

5.  The council of Yahweh

6.  Advisor to the king

7.  Blessing / curse / restoration blessing

8.  All nations in plan of God

9.  God is running the show

10.  Redemption dependent on divine opportunity

B.  Overview of Isaiah

1.  Introduction

2.  Early prophecies

3.  Inaugural vision

4.  Present world vs. coming kingdom of God

5.  Oracles against foreign nations

6.  Isaianic Apocalypse

7.  Woes

8.  Judgment on Edom, joy for the redeemed

9.  Historical chapters

10.  Looking forward to Exile and need to return

11.  Zion's glory and shame


III.  Micah

A.  First woe / weal

1.  Punishment of Samaria and Judah

2.  Reunification under Yahweh

B.  Second woe / weal

1.  Woe on corrupt leaders and corrupt Jerusalem

2.  Complex set of weal oracles

C.  The final cycle

1.  Covenant lawsuit

2.  Weal of lament


IV.  Nahum

A.  This is a foreign nation oracle

B.  Nahum is a southern prophet

C.  There is the timing

D.  What are some of the emphases

E.  Overview

F.  General advice

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