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Introduction to the Life of Jesus

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The Chronology of Jesus' life in the Gospels begins with his birth and ends with his resurrection. How you explain the miracles of Jesus depends on your presuppositions. He performed miracles to heal sicknesses and also miracles showing his authority over nature. 


The Life of Jesus

Part 1

I.  Introductory Issues

A.  Miracles of Jesus

1.  Two Types

a.  Healings

b.  Nature miracles

2.  Approaches

a.  Rationalism

b.  Mythical Treatment

c.  Liberalism

d.  Demythologizing

B.  Chronology

1.  Birth of Jesus

a.  Matthew 2:1

b.  Events at birth

2.  Baptism of Jesus

a.  Exact year uncertain but ...

b.  Around 27-28 A.D.

3.  Length of His Ministry

4.  Resurrection of Jesus

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