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Acts - Introduction to the Letters of Paul

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Some of the letters from Paul in the New Testament are to an individual and some are to congregations. The letters are written in a form that includes the same general elements in the same order.


Paul and His Letters

Part 1

I.  Introduction

A.  Letters or Epistles?

1.  Epistles - formal and do not assume a prior relationship

2.  Letters - informal and build on a prior relationship

3.  Examples

a.  Romans - epistle

b.  Philemon - clear letter

B.  Normal Form of a Letter

1.  Salutation

a.  "A" to "B"

b.  "Greeting"

c.  Jewish - "Peace"

d.  Paul - "Grace"

2.  Thanksgiving and/or Prayer

3.  Body of letter - largest section

4.  Exhortation and instruction

5.  Conclusion

a.  Benediction

b.  Wish for peace

c.  Greeting

d.  Concluding

e.  Autograph

f.  Kiss

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