Introduction to Islam

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Islam is based on teachings in the Qur'an. Knowing the teachings of Islam helps us to understand the uniqueness of the teachings of Christianity and the perspective of Muslims.


I.  Islam: The Religion of the Qur'an

II.  Great Qur'anic Passages: #1 - Surah 59:23, 24

A.  Grand Theme of the Qur'an

B.  99 Beautiful Names of Allah

III.  Islam in the Context of the 20th and 21st Centuries

A.  Islamic growth numerically vs. percent of the world

B.  Islam and Christian growth compared

IV.  Why Study Islam?

A.  It is crucial to our obedience to the Great Commission.

B.  We live in a global village.

C.  Islam is a window to view the uniqueness of our own faith.

D.  Islam has been misunderstood and feared in the West.

V.  Great Qur'anic Passages: #2 - Iron 57:1-4

A.  Allah as Creator

B.  99 Beautiful Names

C.  Creation in six days

D.  Mounting His Throne


44 min