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Lecture 1: Introduction to Pastoral Care and Leadership

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Being a shepherd to a congregation includes the responsibility to protect, provide and lead. A church is a group of believers that is incorporated into one body and adopted into a family. The church has a mission to go after truth, respond to truth, love one another and share their faith. The pastor is called to care for and lead the congregation in the process. 


Introduction to Pastoral Care and Leadership

I. Introduction

A. Personal experience

B. Care and leadership

C. Emphasis on methodology

II. Theological Framework

A. Theological nature of ministry is service

B. Theological nature of a shepherd

1. Provide leadership

2. Provide protection

3. Exercise authority

4. Extend care/p>

C. Nature of the Church

1. It's a community of souls

2. Reconciled community

3. Missional community

a. intentional

b. body of Christ

c. bride of Christ

d. royal priesthood

e. sacred place

D. Mission of the Church

III. Questions

A. Culture of involvement vs. passivity

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34 min 35 sec

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