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Introduction and Human Origins

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An introduction to the doctrine of humanity and the doctrine of humanity's origin (Adam and Eve)


Doctrine of Humanity

Part 1

I. Introduction: Why Study Christian Anthropology?

A. Who We Are

B. Our Place in re: God

C. Our Place in re: other humans

D. Our Place in re: creation


II. Humanity's Origin

A. God the Creator

1. Creator of all that is

2. Special Place for the Formation of Humanity in Particular

3. Brief Theology of Humanity’s Creation by God

a. God is ultimate, while all of humanity is dependent on God

b. Humanity owes God obedience, loyalty, worship (made to glorify God)

c. Humanity, as created by God, was entirely (body and soul) good

d. Humanity invested with moral freedom and responsibility

e. Equality yet differentiation in the creation of man and woman

B. Note on the Historicity of Adam and Eve

1. Biblical support for Adam and Eve as the first human pair

2. Comment on Genesis 1-3 and the theory of macro-evolution

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