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Keys to Healthy Small Groups

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What are small groups? Why do we have them? What does a healthy small group look like? People support what they are part of creating. Plan your first meeting carefully. Different distances invite different types of communication. The behavior you want to sustain, make sure you enact the first time.


I. Healthy Small Groups

A. Clear Purpose

B. A Good Beginning

C. A Helpful Leader

1. Pray

2. Prepare

3. Guide

4. Care

D. Clear Communication Patterns

E. Worthwhile Content

F. Growing Trust and Caring

G. Centered in Jesus Christ

II. Types of Small Groups

A. Relationship

B. Content

C. Task

D. Need

III. Getting off to a Good Start

A. Pray

B. Establish yourself as the group leader

C. Consider the physical and social environment

D. Build relationships

E. Clarify organizational and administrative details

F. Set productive patterns of behavior the first meeting

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