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The Bi-Vocational Pastor

Many of the pastors in the world are bi-vocational. They are bright, dedicated, hardworking people who not only lead their congregations but are also self-supporting. Just like the apostle Paul.

These pastors often do not have the opportunity to go to seminary or even Bible school, and yet they preach every Sunday, lead Bible studies, want to know how to grow in their faith and calling, and care for their people.

BiblicalTraining has long had a heart for this situation. The Institute requires substantively more time than many bi-vocational pastors can afford, and the Certificates are especially geared for the people in the church. But we want to help these pastors and so are starting to build curriculum for this scenario. When done, the lectures will be transcribed, and our hope is that they will be translated into many languages.

As we talk with different ministries and especially those reaching out to the Majority World, we find that there are many divergent opinions on what classes are needed. We invite you to express yourself on our forums and to interact with others.

Biblical Content

Old Testament

New Testament

Biblical Theology

Basic Doctrine


Spiritual Warfare

Pastoral Care



Leadership Development

Business Management and Finances

Spiritual Formation

The Private Life of the Pastor


​Future Plans

  1. Release the materials in multiple formats, including iPads, mp3 players (like T4Global uses), etc.
  2. Pick central language groups for translation
  3. Try to get indigenous pastors involved (e.g., Africans teaching Africans)
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