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Inglorious and Glorious Aspects of Ministry

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Much of the daily work of ministry involves menial and mundane tasks. The glorious side of ministry overshadows the inglorious.


Inglorious and Glorious Aspects of Ministry

A. The Inglorious

1. The menial and the mundane

2. Nice but insignificant

3. A feeling of limited competence

4. Suspicion and mistrust

5. Unrealistic expectations

6. Hurt and disappointment

7. Loneliness

8. Seeing behind the screen

B. The Glorious

1. There's great glory in bringing the good news

2. There's glory in doing what God calls good

3. There's glory in hiddenness

4. There's glory in watching over souls

5. There's glory in the great challenge

6. There's glory in entering the same profession chosen by the Lord Jesus

7. There will be great glory in judgment

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