What they say about us: Endorsements

Dr. James I. Packer

Board of Governors Professor of Theology, Regent College

The vision that drives Biblical Training is twofold. The first part of the dream is that every Christian should be educated and equipped for the fullest use of their spiritual gifts in serving others for Christ's sake. The second part of the dream is that Christian education up to seminary standard should be available free to anyone who can work a computer. What a magnificent, momentous dream! And now it is coming true as more and more courses are made available on the Biblical Training website. May God prosper Biblical Training mightily! I cannot commend the venture too highly.

Dr. Luder Whitlock

President, International Schools of Theology
Campus Crusade for Christ International

Biblical Training has assembled an impressive group of scholars who offer high quality Biblical and theological education to a broad audience that may not have access to such learning opportunities. Moreover, Biblical Training is to be commended for making this rich evangelical repository available at no cost to the learner.

Dr. J. L. Williams

President, JL, Patt & Friends

As a person who has spent over three decades of my life training indigenous national leaders, I am very excited about Biblical Training!  My personal calling and passion has been for those countless “front-line foot soldiers” who have had little or no formal training for ministry.  And for the vast majority of them, the institutional model is either inaccessible or unaffordable – and therefore impractical.  So the ministry of NDI has been to take the training to them where they are through short-term Leadership Conferences.  And at each Conference, the constant cry from these strategic national pastors, evangelists and church planters is for more study materials to better equip them for ministry!  Now I can direct them to Biblical Training as an almost inexhaustible source of solid evangelical Biblical teaching.  So with the click of a mouse in a local cyber-café, they can sit at the feet of some of the most renown Bible scholars, theologians and teachers of our day. What an incredible and timely tool this is to encourage, edify and equip Christian leaders across our globe – and thus help them fulfill Christ’s Great Commission through this kind of strategic partnership!