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There is a real need for biblical resources that will take you deeper into God's word than you can go in one sermon a week. Pastors know this and are always looking for ways to help those special people in the church who want to go deeper. Look no further.

There are also thousands of people who haven't found a home church and are hungering to study their Bible and grow spiritually. Here is the answer to those prayers.

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Foundations are classes that are appropriate for all followers of Jesus. When you begin, they do not assume you know anything about the Bible, and they will teach you basic Bible content and beliefs.

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Do you have a basic understanding of the Bible and what you believe, but want to go deeper? Then BiblicalTraining's Academy is right for you. These university-level classes will teach you about the structure, content, and themes of the Old and New Testament, and introduce you to intermediate Bible study methods. The classes on biblical theology discuss what we believe and why, and there is a focused class on how the Bible was written, how it was transmitted through the centuries, and why we can trust it. You will also learn about spiritual growth and how to avoid the pitfalls of moralism.

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This program is designed specifically for pastors and those wanting a graduate-level education. All of these classes are taught by some of the finest faculty, handpicked from 17 major seminaries.

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In Seminars we offer many shorter classes on different topics. Seminars began by us asking the question, "What do lay leaders need to know about ________?" But many of the topics are of interest to all the people in your church such as small groups and Sunday School. We encourage church leaders to pick a seminar and work through it as a group. The seminars will add a spiritual dimension to board meetings as you reflect together on its teaching.