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Illumination; Canonicity

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The definition of illumination, why it is necessary, and how we come to know truth. The critceria for canonicity is then discussed and why the canon is now closed (i.e., why no more books would be accepted into the Bible).


Doctrine of Scripture

Part 4

IV. Illumination

A. Definition

B. Need for Illumination

1. Moral Antipathy (Truth known but rejected)

2. Spiritual Blindness (Truth not known)

C. Three Paradigms regarding Coming to Know Revealed Truth

1. Fideism

2. Rationalism

3. Critical Realism


V. Canonicity

A. Definition

B. Criteria for Canonicity

1. Written by recognized prophet or apostle

2. Written by those associated with recognized prophet or apostle

3. Truthfulness (Deuteronomy 18:20-22)

4. Faithfulness to previously accepted canonical writings

5. Confirmed by Christ, prophet, apostle (e.g. Luke 24:44; 2 Peter 3:16)

6. Church Usage and Recognition

C. The Closing of the Canon

1. No revelation contrary to the gospel

2. Jesus is the Final Revelation

3. Jesus commissioned apostles to convey His revelation

4. Warning not to add or take away from revelation given

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