Free Online Bible Classes | Hermeneutics for Exaggeration (Part 2)

Hermeneutics for Exaggeration (Part 2)

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Jesus uses exaggeration to make his point clear, especially on matters of morality, but doesn't take the time to discuss possible exceptions. Jesus also uses all-inclusive and universal language, as well as idiomatic language that no longer bears its original meaning. 



I. Recognizing Exaggeration in the Teachings of Jesus (Part 2)

A. Interpreted by the evangelist in a non-literal way

B. Not always literally fulfilled in practice

C. Literal fulfillment would not achieve the desired goal

D. The statement uses a particular literal form prone to exaggeration

E. The statement uses idiomatic language that no longer bears its literal meaning

F. The statement uses all-inclusive and universal language

II. Why use exaggeration?

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