Free Online Bible Classes | The Identity of Behemoth (40:15-24)

The Identity of Behemoth (40:15-24)

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Behemoth is the plural form of a Hebrew word that refers to animals in general also specifically to wild animals. In Job, it’s also used as a metaphor representing the composite forces of the powers of the earth that are against God.


I. Behemoth is not a Description of a Specific Animal

II. Behemoth is Plural of a Hebrew Word, Meaning Beast or Animal

A. In the singular it often refers to a large land animal

B. In the plural, it may refer to animals in general or specifically to wild animals

C. The plural indicates that it is a composite description

D. Composite animals described in Daniel

E. Behemoth is a metaphor for evil that is against God

F. God says that no one can put an end to oppression and bring about utopia except God

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