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Identifying Leviathan (Chapter 41)

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Job 41 describes Leviathan. Leviathan is not a natural animal like a crocodile. Sometimes Leviathan refers to a large sea creature, and sometimes death, chaos and the embodiment of evil. Satan is present at the first of the book but he is never mentioned again. In order for God to deal with evil in the world, he must defeat Leviathan.


I. Description of Leviathan

II. Leviathan is Not A Crocodile

A. Invulnerable to human weapons

B. Eyes and nose flash with light

C. Pours fire out of its mouth

D. He is covered with armor

E. He dominates all creatures

F. God implies that he has speech

III. The Name Leviathan

A. Some Bible passages use this name to refer to a sea creature [Psalm 104:26]

B. Found in Ugaritic literature [Motu, Lotan, Elu]

C. Psalm 74:13-14

The power of God is described metaphorically as fighting the forces of chaos and death.

D. Isaiah 27:1

A metaphor for the Assyrian army

IV. Conclusion

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