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Lecture 11: Identifying Gods/Goddesses in India – Siva

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The Siva icon always has the presence of the Trishal, which is a sacred weapon of destruction. There is also the nag (cobra), damaru (drum), third eye, Ganges river flowing out of his head. The dancing Siva has a damaru in one hand and a flame of fire in the other that represents creation and destruction of the world. He also has dreadlocks and the trunk of an elephant.  The third eye of siva is what Hindu women have on their forehead. The Siva Lingum is the most dominant icon in north India.


I. Forms of Siva

A. Siva (classic meditative)

B. Nataraja (dancing)

C. Siva Lingum

D. Durga

E. Kali

F. Ganesh

II. Additional pictures

A. Saraswati

B. Gayatri

C. Belagi

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59 min

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