Lecture 2: Identify and Meet the Need of the Moment

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Love is meeting the need of the moment, not meeting a need with good intentions. All you have to do to upset someone is to lovingly meet the wrong need. You can only hit an emotional target with an emotional arrow. 

Lesson 1


A. Adam's aloneness proves we have needs (Gen 2:18)

B. Three institutions to remove aloneness

C. Commons sense proves we have needs

D. The "one-another" commands prove we have needs (Rom 15:7)

E. The top 12 commonly identified needs

1. Acceptance

2. Admonition

3. Affection

4. Appreciation

5. Approval

6. Attention

7. Comfort

8. Encouragement

9. Instruction

10. Respect

11. Security

12. Support


39 min

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