Free Online Bible Classes | Hymns of Praise (part 1)

Hymns of Praise (part 1)

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Some elements of the hymns of praise are the call to praise, the cause for praise and fervent praise with music.


Review of Lesson 5

Part 1: Introduction

I. A Survey of Academic Approaches

A. The Traditional Approach

B. The Literary Analytical Approach

C. Form Critical: 1900-Present

II. Types of Psalms and Hymns

Part 2: Praise Psalm

I. Two Types

II. The Hymns (general)

A. Motifs

1. Introduction (to be continued in Lecture 6)

Lecture 6 - Outline

a. Mood of Enthusiasm

b. Songs are Performed by Those Who Love Him

c. God Wants the World to Praise Him

d. We Are Abraham’s Seed

2. Cause for Praise – Theology (to be continued in Lecture 7)

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