Human Nature and the Soul

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Theories on the structure of the human soul (Monism, Dichotomy, Trichotomy) and the transmission of the soul (Creationism, Traducianism).


Doctrine of Humanity

Part 2

III. Humanity's Constitution

A. Theories on the Structure of Human Nature

1. Monism

a. The View

b. Support

c. Response

2. Dichotomy

a. The View

b. Support

c. Response

3. Trichotomy

a. The View

b. Support

c. Response

B. Transmission of the Soul

1. Creationism

a. The View

b. Support

c. Response

2. Traducianism

a. The View

b. Support

c. Response


IV. The Image of God

A. Major Understandings of "Image of God"

1. Ontological Understandings

a. Spiritual nature view

b. Physical nature view

c. Holistic view

d. Dual gender view

2. Functional Understanding

3. Relational Understanding

B. The Image of God, the Fall, and its Renewal

1. Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) Background

2. Application to Genesis 1-2

3. Image of God: Ontological, Functional, Relational

4. Effects of the Fall

5. Restoration in the image of Christ


V. Our True Humanity Expressed

A. God's Created Design

B. The Bondage and Freedom of Our True Humanity

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