Free Online Bible Classes | How to Put on Christ (pt 2)

How to Put on Christ (pt 2)

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How do I listen to God's voice? What do I do when I walk away from reading the Word or hearing a sermon? The prayer of recollection is to remind me of who I am in Christ so when I hear the Word, I am open to Him. It's also to help focus my thoughts by detaching from false identities and attaching to my true identity. Lectio divina brings together the commands to "be filled with the Spirit" and "let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly."


6. How do we decide what kinds of training to do? (cont.)

a. Ask whether I am to give myself to an intention, rhythm or regimen. (cont.)

b. How do we hear and respond to a word from the heart? (cont.)

1. Present myself as a sacrifice

2. Recollection

3. Honesty or truth-telling

4. Discernment regarding what to become

5. Discernment regarding what to do in light of what He is doing.

6. Discernment regarding a plan

C. [4 in the notes] Things to remember about this training

D. The prayer of recollection

E. Lectio divina

F. Questions and answers

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