Free Online Bible Classes | How to Put on Christ (pt 1)

How to Put on Christ (pt 1)

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It is important to do spiritual disciplines from the heart in the Spirit. The Christian life is what you do when you realize you can do nothing. In discussing spiritual disciplines, it is helpful to emphasize the importance of how we hear the commands of God.  It is not in our power to change ourselves, but we can choose to practice spiritual regimens and rhythms that help us open up to what God wants to do. Spiritual intentions are how we respond to the Word of God.


A. How we hear the commands of God.

B. Theology of obedience and spiritual disciplines.

1. According to Paul, our whole life is training in obedience to the will of God.

2. The call of God to obey is a general call of God and a specific-circumstantial call of God.

3. What is the relationship between this training in Godliness and the spiritual disciplines?

4. How to identify a spiritual discipline or an opportunity for training.

5. How do we decide what kinds of training to do?

a. Ask yourself whether you are being called to put off the former manner of life or put on the new.

b. Ask whether I am to give myself to an intention, rhythm or regimen

1. Disciplines of regimen

2. Disciplines of rhythm

3. Disciplines of intention

c. How do we hear and respond to a word from the heart?

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