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Hosea, Amos, & Jonah

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This lesson provide an overview concerning three contemporaries Prophets during the period of the divided monarchy at the end of the 8 th Century BCE.


The Divided Monarchy:  Hosea, Amos and Jonah


I.  Amos

A.  Not a Professional Prophet

B.  Restoration Promise


II.  Hosea


III.  Jonah

A.  Go to Nineveh--A Hated Enemy

B.  Trying to Flee From God

C.  Thanksgiving Inside a Fish

D.  Repentance of Nineveh

E.  No Thanksgiving Outside the City

F.  God's Love and Concern for All Peoples


IV.  Orienting Data for Amos

A.  The Problem Is Moral

B.  Judah and Israel No Better Than Enemies


V.  Orienting Data for Hosea

A.  Israel Guilty of Prostitution

B.  Sin Permeates Culture, Judgment Follows, Then Restoration

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