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Lecture 1: Historical Windows on Hinduism (Part 1)

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Introduction to fundamental ideas and literature that are basic to the Hindu religion. The first lecture given for this class is not available at this time. This lecture begins on the class outline at II, C.


II. Historical Windows on Hinduism

C. Vedic and Upanishadic Period (1200 B. C. - 400 B.C.)

1. Structure of Sacred Literature

2. Four strata of sacred literature

3. Classification of sacred literature

a. Sruti

b. Smrti

III. Vedic Religion/Ritual [Split here 38:20]

A. Introduction

B. Socio-cultural Influences from Vedic Religion

1. Aryans and Dasyus and the origins of the Caste System

2. Varna (social classification) vs. Jati (caste)

C. Religious/Theological Themes in Vedic Religion

1. Henotheism in the Vedas

2. Rta in the Vedas

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38 min

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