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Historical Books

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The story of how the Israelites conquer the promised land and begin to live there. God gives the Israelites victory and prosperity, they forget God and disobey His law, God punishes them, they repent, and God raises up a "judge" to deliver them, and they become prosperous. The cycle is repeated.


The Historical Books


I. Joshua

A. Two Parts

B. Holy War


II. Judges

A. God raises up leaders

B. Deuteronomic Cycle

C. Anarchy


III. Ruth


IV. 1 Samuel


V. 2 Samuel


VI. 1 and 2 Kings

A. Solomon builds the temple

B. Division of Israel

C. Elijah and Elisha

D. Exile


VII. 1 & 2 Chronicles


VIII. Ezra and Nehemiah

A. Return and Rebuilding

B. Intermarriage

C. Attractions of Idolatry


IX. Esther

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