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Henry the VIII (part 1)

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This is the first part of the life and influence of King Henry the VIII with respect to the Reformation, including a background of the political system and the personal motives of the king for reforming the political structure. A short view of the life and influence of William Tyndale will be covered.  


Henry the VIII (part 1)

• Henry VIII

o In 1509 becomes king

o Marries Catherine of Aragon

• Family History

o Need of a successor and its challenges

• Theologian and Musician

o The assertion of the 7 sacraments

o Need of a Title by the church

• Charles V

o Imprisoned the Pope

• Henry VIII looking for an annulment of his marriage with Catherine of Aragon

o The Parliament

• Henry’s call of it

• Reformation

• Structure

• The church’s influence on it

o Divorce vs annulment

• William Tyndale

o Persuasion to translate the bible into English

o Student of Luther

o Smuggling of the English bible into England

o Theology’s conflict and impact

• Thomas Cranmer

o In charge of the king’s annulment proceedings

• King’s influence on the church

• Kings 2nd wife: Anne Boleyn

o Had a daughter named Elizabeth

o Executed in 1536

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