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Help with Enrollments

Classes and Certificates

We are asking people to enroll in classes. Knowing how our site is being used will help us serve you better.

  • If you enroll in a course (that is not part of a Certificate), it is free, and once enrolled you will be able to see the videos, listen to the audio, and download any available materials.
  • If the course is part of a Certificate, you will need to enroll in the Certificate and then all of the material for the course will be available.

When you enroll in a Course or a Certificate, you are given three options.

1. Single enrollment

"Single enrollment" means that you will be enrolling by yourself and you do not want to interact with anyone else who is also enrolling. If you are enrolling in a Certificate for CEU credit, this is the option to choose.

2. Enroll, and create a private group

"Enroll, and create a private group," means that a private discussion group will be created and accessed from your user dashboard. It has a unique code, and your friends can use that code to join your group. (They will choose the third option.)

3. Enroll, and join an existing group

"Enroll, and join an existing group," means that the student will be able to enroll and will also be able to join your group so you can use the community features of the group. The person who created the group (option 2 in the image above) will give you a code you will enter when you enroll; it is available on his dashboard.

How do I access my group?

It can be accessed from your user dashboard. Sign into your BiblicalTraining account and click on "My Account" in the upper right corner of the browser window.

How do I access the courses in which I am enrolled?

Go to your user dashboard and click on the Enrollments tab.