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Hebrews - Part 2

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The Work of Christ and Life of Faith

The work of Christ is superior to the old covenant because it’s not limited to a physical sanctuary, it is based on Christ’s sacrifice not the blood of sacrificial animals, and the Spirit lives in you to give you access to God. This should encourage you to persevere in your life of faith and live it out in practical ways.



A. Minister in a Better Sanctuary, 8:1-5

1. Ministers in a heavenly sanctuary, 1-2

2. Offers a better sacrifice, 3

B. Mediator of a Better Covenant, 8:6-13

1. Mediated by Christ, 6a

2. Enacted on better promises, 6b

3. Imperfection of the Old Covenant, 7-9

4. Provisions of the New Covenant, 10-12, Cf. Jeremiah 31:31-34

a. Implanting God's law on hearts and minds, 10a

b. Renewed relationship with God, 10b

c. Universal knowledge of God, 11

d. Final forgiveness of sin, 12

5. Old Covenant obsolete, 13

C. Priest of a Better Tabernacle, 9:1-12

1. The earthly sanctuary, 1-5

2. The temporal ritual, 6-10

3. The final redemption, 11-12

D. Offerer of a Better Sacrifice, 9:13-10:18

1. The superiority of the sacrifice, 13-14

2. The necessity of the sacrifice, 15-22

3. The finality of the sacrifice, 23-28

4. The efficacy of the sacrifice, 10:1-18


A. The Confidence of Faith, 10:19-39

1. Embrace the life of faith, 19-25

2. 4th warning passage, 10:26-31

3. The exhortation to persevere, 32-39

B. The Examples of Faith, 11

1. What is faith? 1

2. What can faith accomplishment? 2-3

3. Heroes of faith, 4-38

4. Conclusion and summary, 39-40

C. The Endurance of Faith, 12

1. The example of endurance, 1-3

2. The blessings of discipline, 4-17

3. The blessings of salvation, 18-24

4. 5th warning passage, 12:25-29

D. The Workings of Faith, 13

1. Ethical responsibilities, 1-6

2. Examples to follow, 7-9

3. Sacrifices of the Christian, 10-17

4. Personal instructions, 18-25

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