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Hebrews - Part 1

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The Superior Person of Christ

The author of the book of Hebrews is not known, but the book teaches us about how the person and work of Christ is superior to everything that has happened before he lived on earth. He is better than the visions and dreams of the prophets because he is an exact representation of God. He is also superior to Moses, Aaron, the angels and the high priest. There are passages that warn you that there are consequences if you don’t press on in your relationship with Jesus.



A. Author, Hebrews 2:3

B. Readers, 13:24

C. Date of Writing, 12:4

D. Historical Setting, 5:11-12, 10:25, 13:2-17, 12:2, 2:1, 10:1

E. Purpose & Theme


A. The Superior Person of Christ, 1-7

B. The Superior Work of Christ, 8:1-10:18

C. The Superior Life of Faith, 10:19-13:24


A. Superior to Prophets, 1:1-3

1. Heir of all things

2. Creator of the world

3. Radiance of his glory

4. Exact representation of his nature Sustainer of creation

5. Redeemer of mankind

6. Intercessor for believers

B. Superior to Angels, 1:4-2:18

1. Better because of

a. His name, 4-5, Psalm 2:7, I Sam 7:14

b. Worship he receives, 6-7

c. Sovereignty he enjoys, 8-9

d. Work he accomplished, 10-12

e. Triumph he received, 13-14

2. 1st warning passage, 2:1-4

C. Superior to Moses, 3:1-4:13

1. The superior person, 1-4

2. The superior position, 5-6

3. 2nd warning passage, 3:7-19, 3:12,19

D. Superior to Aaron, 4:14-7:28

1. The believer's great High Priest, 4:14-16

2. The qualifications for High Priesthood, 5:1-10

3. 3rd Warning Passage, 5:11-6:20

a. Who are these people? 3:1,12,14, 6:4-5

b. What is impossible? 6:6

E. The order of Christ's Priesthood, 7

1. Of a higher order, 6-7

2. More efficacious, 19

3. More firmly established, 20

4. Of longer duration, 24

5. Exactly suited to the sinners need, 28

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