The Heart of a Christ-centered Message

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If we speak with the voice of Jesus, it is important that we speak the message of Jesus throughout the whole of scripture. The goal is to understand how all Scripture focuses on Christ. This is the unifying principle that binds all Scripture together.


The Heart of a Christ-centered Message

1. The essence of a Christ-centered message

a. Fallen condition focus

1. Until we have determined why a text was written, we do not know what it means even if we know many true things about it

2. We are not ready to say what a passage means until we have determined why the Holy Spirit included the text in Scripture

3. There is a redemptive purpose that each passage addresses

2. Deciphering the redemptive design of each passage

a. The difference between systematic theology and biblical theology

1. The progressive principle

2. The organic principle

3. The redemptive principle

a. The principle of incompleteness

b. The principle of incapacity (inability)

c. The principle of integration

3. Mark of distinction of the Christian message is the offense of the cross, not just moralism

a. Non-redemptive messages

1. Not Christ-centered

2. The deadly "B's"



53 min