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Healing of the Man Born Blind

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Jesus teaches that there is not always a direct correlation between sickness and sin. The religious officials often thought that Jesus did not measure up to what they thought a prophet should be. All of Jesus’ miracles are acts of compassion, not primarily to prove that he is the messiah.


Healing of the Man Born Blind

I. Textual criticism

A. The goal is to try to recover the earliest and original text

B. Rules for textual criticism

C. John 7:53-8:11

II. Healing of the blind man

A. People often believe that there is a connection between sickness and sin

B. A story of "ships passing in the night"

C. Jesus called a prophet

D. All of Jesus' miracles are acts of compassion

III. Internal discourses in chapters 13-17

A. John chapter 14

B. John chapter 15

C. John chapter 16

IV. Structure of the four gospels

A. Gospel of Mark

B. Gospel of Matthew

C. Gospel of Luke

D. Gospel of John

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