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Your dashbord lists all the groups that you are part of.

Click on the group to go to the group's dashboard.

Scroll down to see all their names.

If you select a name (or names), the Send message button becomes active and you can send an email to all the members.


Watch Progress

Facilitators can see the progress of individual members. Just click on the Progress button, you can see how the members of the group are doing.

Clicking on View shows how they are doing on their quizzes.

You can even drill down further and see their individual quiz.

Administrative Functions

Every group can have an administrator and a facilitator. (They can be the same person if you wish.) The person who created the group initially is assigned the Administrator role (and this can be changed).

The administrative functions include managing the members.

You can add members manually.

You can block a troublesome member (without deleting his or her account) by clicking the People button.

You can also change a member's status, such as making another person the administrator or removing someone from the group.

Biblical Training

The BiblicalTraining app gives you access to 2,300 hours of instruction (129 classes and seminars). Stream the classes, or download and listen to them offline. Share classes via social media, email, and more.