Biblical Content

These classes are focused on the actual content of the Bible. They answer the question, what does the Bible say.


Classes that will give you a broad overview of the biblical content but not go into a verse by verse discussion.

Book Studies

Classes that will go into detail on individual books of the Bible.

Psalms (Waltke)
Proverbs (Waltke)
Romans (Moo)
Hebrews (Guthrie)
Revelation (Mulholland)


Theology classes answer the question, what does the Bible mean. They will look at the verses and try to summarize the basic teaching on different topics such as, what does the Bible teach us about God, salvation, end times, etc.

Biblical Theology

Biblical theology looks at individual books (or sometimes an author), asking what each writer teaches on a specific topic. For example, what does the Gospel of Mark teach us about Jesus being the Son of God, what does Romans teach us about justification, what does Paul teach about faith, etc.


Systematic Theology

Systematic theology attempts to look at all of the Bible's teaching on a specific topic, and then bring in issues such as philosophy. Instead of asking what a particular book or author teaches on a given topic, it asks what we can know about that topic from all the Bible, philosophy, history, science, and how do we understand it in light of our culture.

Systematic Theology deals with the sum total of what we believe; see the classes named Systematic theology as well as A Guide to Christian Beliefs, Understanding Theology, and A Guide to Christian Theology. The other classes deal with specific theological topics.

Christian Spirituality

While issues of spirituality are taught in any good Bible class, these classes focus on the issues of spiritual growth and maturity.

World Religions

Church History



Character matters. It is the fruit of the Spirit that must accompany the life of the true Christian.


Biblical Skills

These classes will help take what you have learned and use that knowledge in real-life situations, including how to study your Bible.