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The Grace of Giving

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We are not only saved by God’s grace, but his grace continues to sustain us throughout our life. One way that God’s grace shows itself is in how we give, financially. God’s grace enables to to both want to give and to be able to give. If someone is not giving, they should wonder about the condition of their heart and why God’s grace is not active in it.


I. “Grace”: God’s goodness – to those who do not deserve it

A. God’s grace that Saves - familiar

B. God’s grace that Sustains – less familiar

C. Sustaining grace is a radical way of thinking — counter-cultural

II. One way God’s grace shows itself is in my financial giving.

A. Primary NT passage on giving is 2 Corinthians 8-9.

1. Dominant note is that of “grace” – “Grace of Giving”

2. Alcorn: how we often apologetically approach topic of wealth, possessions & giving

B. Sets The Stage

1. Macedonian Christians were being severely tested — whether truly saved

2. Passed the test – Proved by their actions that their faith was real

3. Should be no surprise that Paul tells the Corinthians – and us

III. How were they able to give so generously? 8:5

A. Macedonian Christians, first and foremost, gave themselves to God

B. This is why giving is an “act of grace” (v 1)

C. They also understood that giving is God’s will (v 5)

D. Macedonians understood that everything belongs to God – 1 Cor. 6:19-20

IV. What is our ultimate motivation and goal?

A. I don’t care about your money

B. I do care about your heart

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