Were the Authors Historically Accurate?

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If the biblical writers were not concerned about historical accuracy, we would expect more verses that would have answered the burning questions of the first century, and we certainly would not have the many embarrassing and difficult verses that we do have. The gospel is couched in historical fact, and if the events did not happen then the teaching is false.

Historical Accuracy


1. Challenge

2. Multiple attestation

a. Mark

b. Q

c. L(uke)

d. M(atthew)

e. John

3. Embarrassing Sayings

a. Judas

b. “Get behind me Satan”

4. Hard Sayings of Jesus

a. Luke 14:26

b. Mark 13:32

c. Conclusion

5. Missing Sayings

a. Circumcision

b. Speaking in Tongues

6. Would the Gospel writers have even wanted to preserve accurate history

a. Challenge

b. Gospel is grounded in historical fact (e.g., the Holocaust)

7. Conclusions

a. Can you “prove” the writers were accurate?

b. Are there indications they wanted to be accurate?

c. Are there indications they were successful in being accurate?

d. How high is the bar?


20 min 5 sec