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The Gospel Proclaimed Outside Jerusalem

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The kerygma is the proclamation of the gospel to nonbelievers. The first presentations were made to people who were familiar with the teachings of the Old Testament. Steven’s speech and Paul’s conversion are significant events.  (Begins on page 6 of the outline under Acts: Outline Summary, point I, F.) (43:40)


I. Introduction (cont)

F. Transition: selection of seven to deal with problem of Hellenistic widows 6:1-6

G. Summary statement: disciples increasing in Jerusalem 6:7

II. The gospel proclaimed outside the environs of Jerusalem 6:8‑9:31

A. Stephen's impact in the extension of the gospel beyond Jerusalem 6:8-8:3

B. The gospel is proclaimed in Samaria 8:4-25

C. Philip proclaims the gospel to the Ethiopian eunuch 8:26-40

D. Transition: Paul's conversion and impact 9:1-30

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