Free Online Bible Classes | Going On With God in Dark Nights (pt 2)

Going On With God in Dark Nights (pt 2)

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In a dark night experience, we realize that even though we have good character, we are more filled with ourselves than we are with God. God may be more present to us when he seems absent than when he seems present. It is often helpful to have a mentor to walk with us through dark nights.


c. The experience and signs of being in ongoing dark nights.

d. Temptations in ongoing dark nights.

e. How to experience/What to do in ongoing dark nights.

1. Regarding early dark nights.

2. Regarding ongoing dark nights.

3. Let go of your character as the road map you trust.

4. I want to be diligent to present myself for obedience to the disciplines.

5. Be willing to be open to a new power for ministry.

6. I want to resist ministry as a consolation.

7. Join with others who are on the same journey.

f. Concerns and qualifications about ongoing dark nights.

1. Depression distinguished from dark nights.

2. Dark nights and the need to have a mentor.

3. Dark nights are what it is to be filled with the Spirit.

4. Beware of thinking that sin separates you from God and His holiness.

5. Demons will be involved, but their goal is different than God's.

6. [Number 7 in notes] dark nights and trials can be painful.

g. Questions and answers

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