Free Online Bible Classes | The God of the Old Testament is a Missionary God (Part 1)

The God of the Old Testament is a Missionary God (Part 1)

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Developing your spirituality and practicing prayer are important elements in achieving a well-balanced theology. The Creator of heaven and earth is Lord of the nations. God promised to bless the whole world through Abraham. Throughout history, different people have applied that promise as a right of privilege for themselves rather than a call to service to others. God calls people, then sends them.


Panoramic Overview of the Biblical Teaching on Missions


1. The God of the Old Testament is a missionary God.

a. The God of the Bible is the God of creation, not just a tribal God.

b. Mankind's failure and redemptive promises in Genesis chapters 1-11

c. Genesis 12: God's call of Abraham

1. 5 blessings contrast with 5 curses

2. New promise to Abraham is expressed in language similar to the language used in Creation.

3. This is the most unifying text of the whole Bible

4. Dangers of reductionism

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