Free Online Bible Classes | God and Inanimate Nature (Chapters 38-41)

God and Inanimate Nature (Chapters 38-41)

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The questions of the book of Job are, “How does God address the problem of evil and why do we serve God? God created a world that is stable and not chaotic. Where there was chaos, God brought in light, shape and beauty. Chaotic forces are necessary for life and God controls them.


I. God’s Speech and Job’s Responses Have Parallel Structure

A God challenges Job (38:1-3)

B. God’s dominion over creations (38: 4-40:2)

1. Inanimate Nature (38:4-38)

2. Animate Nature (38:39-40:2)

C. Job answers (40:3-5)

A’. God challenges Job (40:6-14)

B’. Behemoth and Leviathan (40:7 - 41:34)

1. Behemoth (40:15-24)

2. Leviathan (41:1-34)

C’. Job answers (42:1-6)

II. Many People are Confused by God's Speech

A. God gives Job a lesson in natural history

B. God seems to berate Job for being a mortal

C. The book of Job does not answer the question, 'Why do the righteous suffer?"

III. What does God's Speech Do and Not Do?

A. Does not say that Job's affliction is punishment for sin

B. God accuses Job of having imputed injustice to God

C. God is rebuking Job for his theological conclusion

IV. God and Inanimate Nature

A. Things are fixed because God made it so [Clay seal is a “bulla”]

1. The earth

2. The sea

3. The dawn

4. The stars

B. Distant and dangerous places

C. Chaotic forces

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