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God and Animate Nature

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God’s care for the animals and how this relates to the problem of Job. All of the things that we see as chaos, and out of control depend on God and thrive because he provides for them and things that he manages and glories in. God describes nature as good, unlike the night spirit that describes it with contempt and loathing. God knows how to manage the chaotic elements of creation.


I. God and Animate Nature

A. Predators and scavengers

B. Mountain goats and deer

C. The wild donkey and the wild ox

D. The ostrich

E. The horse

F. The hawk and the eagle

II. God as the Ruler of the Natural World

A. The world is more complex than Job and his friends allow for

B. Type 2 wisdom does not explain everything about how God manages the world

C. The sages wrongly thought that their system explained everything

D. The ostrich is an example of an animal that thrives without wisdom

E. God's speech answers the theology of the night spirit

F. This argument alone is enough for Job

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