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God and the Universe

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The story that runs through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation is the story of how God created the world, how the world fell into sin and rebellion against him, and how God has begun a process of new creation that will continue until every trace of sin has been destroyed. Humans are the climax and crown of God's creation, for, unlike other creatures, they are the image of God (Genesis 1:26f.). The creation of mankind was quickly followed by the entry of evil into their heart. They were created with the possibility of choosing between right and wrong, between obedience to God and disobedience. But they made the wrong decision at the instigation of the tempter, and sin with all its dreadful consequences entered the world.


1. God the Creator (Genesis 1)

A. God created the world

B. Genesis is not a scientific account

C. The universe is not self-existent

D. God is transcendant

E. Weaknesses of deism

2. God the Lord (Psalm 107 and 148)

A. God is omnipotent

B. God is omniscient

C. God is omnipresent

3. Nature of mankind (Psalm 8)

A. God created humans in his image

B. The nature of humans

C. The purpose of humans

4. The problem of evil (Genesis 3; Job 24)

A. The “fall” of Adam and Eve

B. The problem of the existence of pain and suffering

C. Inaccurate explanations

D. Possible explanations

5. The nature and effects of sin (Romans 1:18-2:16)

A. Rebellion

B. Immorality, injustice, and lack of love

C. Pride, self-sufficiency, and self-centeredness

1. Sin leads to suffering

2. Sin enslaves

3. Sin leads to guilt

4. Sin leads to punishment

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