Where do I start

Where do I start?

1. Choose which track

This is the most important question you have to answer. Which track?

Chose which track you want to follow and attend at least the core classes. You may listen to the lectures at your own pace. There is no charge to listen to these lectures. We encourage you to study with a mentor and/or small group in your community.

We also offer certificates on subjects including basic theology and leadership training. When you complete the quizzes for each of the classes in one of the Certificates, we mail you a certificate of completion. There is a fee to enroll for a certificate that helps cover our costs of creating the study guides and providing the online quizzes. We offer certificates only for the classes under the Certificates heading. At this time, we do not offer credits or degrees for these Certificates.

Finally, our library has over 14,000 articles on all things biblical.

2. Create an account

Please create your free account and login. You can listen to lectures on your computer if you are not logged in, but more features are available for those who are logged in such as mp3 downloads. You can access the lectures and other resources at your own pace at no charge, except for the classes in the certificates section.

3. Explore

You can search the website to find just the right article or class to help you answer your questions about the Bible and theology by clicking here.

4. Set a goal

Make it your goal to live in relationship with God by responding to his leading in your daily life as you experience God revealing himself to you. We use a,"head, heart, hands" model to encourage you to:

  • learn and understand God's Word,
  • reflect on what God has said by allowing it to change the way you think about and relate to God,
  • live out who you are becoming by loving and serving God and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. There are no assignments or tests to go with the lectures. Only the classes in the certificates section have online quizzes.
  2. We do not offer seminary or college credits at this time.
  3. All classes and resources are available to you at no charge except for the classes in the Certificates section.
  4. You may begin a class any time and complete it at your own pace.