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Genesis tells ten stories that describe origins or beginnings. These include the origin of the "heavens and earth," and the origin of specific families that are significant in God's dealings with humans.


Origins:  Genesis


I.  Orienting Data for Genesis

A.  Content:  Origins of the world, humanity and Israel

B.  Human author:  Moses, using records from before his time

C.  Date of Composition:  1400 BC or 1220 BC, depending on chronology

D.  Historical Coverage:  Creation through the death of Jacob's son, Joseph, in Egypt

E.  Emphases

1.  God's nature and purposes.

2.  The reasons why humans exist.

3.  The first divine covenants.

4.  The nature of sin.

5.  The perpetual corruption of human society.

6.  God's intolerance of sin.

7.  God's choice of a people.

8.  God's plan of redemption.

9.  God works through sinful people.


II.  Outline of Genesis (Origin Stories)

A.  1:1-2:3 - Prologue

B.  2:4-4:26 - Origin stories of "the heavens and the earth"

C.  5:1-6:8 - Origin stories of the family of Adam

D.  6:9-9:29 - Origin stories of Noah

E.  10:1-11:9 - Origin stories of Shem, Ham, and Japheth

F.  11:10-26 - Origin stories of Shem

G.  11:27-25:11 - Origin stories of Terah

H.  25:12-18 - Origin stories of Ishmael

I.   25:19-35:29 - Origin stories of Isaac

J.  36:1-37:1 - Origin stories of Esau

K.  37:2-50:26 - Origin stories of Jacob


III.  Genesis 1:  Creation Story Structure

A.  Day 1 (1:1-5) corresponds to Day 4 (1:14-19)

B.  Day 2 (1:6-8) corresponds to Day 5 (1:20-23)

C.  Day 3 (1:9-13) corresponds to Day 6 (1:24-31)

D.  Day 7:  God rests and sanctifies the day of rest.


IV.  Man Created in the Image of God

A.  Three Options

1.  We look like God physically.

2.  We are rational beings like God.

3.  We represent God by doing his will.

B.  Tselem - Idol


V.  The Fall

A.  How Satan Works

B.  The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

C.  Consequences of the Fall



56 min