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Lecture 12: General Epistles (Part 2) and Revelation

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A dominant theme of the book of First Peter is how to live during times of suffering, particularly when that suffering is a result of being persecuted for your faith. The messages in Revelation for seven specific churches are also relevant for churches and individuals today. Much of Revelation is written in an apocalyptic style and contains imagery of the last days. (51 min.)

General Epistles (Part 2) and Revelation


I. 1 Peter

A. Background

1. Author: Peter

2. Recipients: Christians in the Diaspora

3. Date: Early 60s

B. Outline and Exegetical Highlights of 1 Peter

1. The True Identity of Christians (1:1-2)

2. An Eternal Perspective on Suffering (1:3-12)

3. Rallying around One Another (1:13–2:10)

4. Being a Good Citizen in Society (2:11–3:7)

5. The “Spirits in Prison” (3:18–4:6)

6. Baptism as the Outward Sign of an Inward Commitment (3:21)

7. Victory in Suffering (4:12-19)

8. Servant Leadership (5:1-11)

C. Key Theological Themes and Application from 1 Peter

II. 2 Peter and Jude

A. Background

1. Authors

2. Recipients

3. Dates

B. The Key Themes of 2 Peter and Jude

1. To Conserve Christian Teaching in the Midst of Heresy

2. Holding Fast to the Central Truths of the Faith

3. Explaining Suffering in the World

III. The Letters of John

A. Background

1. Author: John, the Apostle

2. Recipients

3. Date: Late 80s or early 90s

4. Purpose

B. Three Key Themes in the Letters of John

1. Believing in the Incarnation (1 Jn. 2 Jn. 7-11)

2. Obeying Christ’s Commandments (1 Jn. 2:1-6; 5:18)

3. Loving One Another (1 Jn. 2:7-14; 4:7-21; 2 Jn. 4-6)

C. Problem of Perfectionism?

IV. Revelation

A. Background

1. Author: John, the Apostle

2. Recipients: Seven Churches in Asia Minor

3. Date: AD 90s

4. Genre: Apocalyptic and Prophecy

B. Interpretive Grids for Revelation

1. Various Views on the Millennium

2. One Perspective on the Issue

C. An Outline of Revelation

1. Opening (1:1-20)

2. Letters to the Churches (2:1–3:22)

3. A Heavenly Scene of Praise (4:1–5:14)

4. Three Sets of Seven Visions (6:1–18:24)

5. The End of the Cosmic Competition for the Souls of Men (19:1-22:21)

D. Key Theological Themes of Revelation

E. Key Applications from Revelation


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1 Understanding the New Testament - Quiz 12

This quiz covers the material in Understanding the New Testament, Lesson 12 – General Epistles (Part 2) and Revelation.

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51 min

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From Pentecost to Patmos, pp. 441-560.

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